The progress of the project one year after its start corresponds to the stages we had set during our application which envisaged a first step with the deployment of an information platform on apprenticeship in France and Italy during the first 15 month of the project, then a second step with a campaign to raise awareness among companies, lectures on apprenticeship and personalized support. 

As expected, we have, during the first twelve months:

- Drafted the “terms of reference” (ToR) defining the content of the apprenticeship information platforms in France and Italy
- Selected providers who will develop these sites
- Initiated the work of preparing the educational materials of these sites, as well as the animation videos that will complement it.


We have planned the following "multi-site" architecture:

- A "hat" site for the general presentation of the project with information on its context, on apprenticeship in Europe, France and Italy, and referring to two sites dedicated to apprenticeship in France and Italy. This approach is justified by the fact that the rules of apprenticeship in France and Italy are different and that different sites adapted to each country should be developed:
- The site which will contain all the information on apprenticeship in France
- The site which will contain all the information on apprenticeship in Italy

The practical information for French and Italian companies will therefore be available in each national site and

There will be a wealth of information with general information on apprenticeship but also practical information on costs for the company, the legal terms of apprenticeship contracts and tools for recruiting and identifying training programs that alternate training with actual job placements.

As planned in the “workflow” of our project, the sites will therefore only be operational by the end of 2017 and we can not therefore, at this stage of the project, indicate a link for a vision of the planned sites.

On the other hand, we presented the project on an extension of our site with the url